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Zastřešení bazénů, atypické zastřešení Al-Lex PRO


Have you got a swimming pool? Are you tired with a weather changes which forbid you swimming in your new swimming pool? There is an easy solution which rest you satisfied. The installation of swimming pool enclosure will enable you to benefit from longer swimming seasons, less pool maintenance, reduced water heating bills and that’s just the start of it.

Pool enclosure makes many other ways of usage possible. Pool enclosure extend the season of swimming for longer period of the year (from April to November) which is pleasant finding. You will not need spend too much money on water heating because roofed in swimming pool have warmer water - about 10 °C more then swimming pool without the enclosure.


AL-Lex PRO s.r.o.
MIKULČICE 690, 69619

Telefon: +420 774 874 235
Telefon: +420 777 874 235
Telefon: +420 722 940 019 dílna
E-mail: aharca@seznam.cz
E-mail: info@al-lexpro.cz



Al-lexpro – perfect pool enclosure

 Carrying components of the pool enclosure are made of aluminium alloy with a elox surface finish or well-looking wood imitation. Filling between them have double-sided UV protection in 10mm width. Pool enclosure is made of single segments which are filled in PVC and are connected to a sliding system. Altogether make perfect system which is resist even strong wind. Your roofed swimming pool will impress you as a place where you can relax with pleasure. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact our experts which are available to you.

Bazény Al-lexpro Bazény Al-lexpro Bazény Al-lexpro

Advantages of the pool enclosure

Prolong the summer season thanks to pool enclosure – usually from April to November.
  • Temperature rise from 5°C to 10°C – without electric water heating.
  • Less expenditures for chemical water conditioning.
  • Protect water against rain and extrinsic impurity.
  • Safety barrier for children (a lockable variant of the pool enclosure).

Pool enclosure is made up of one or more segments. Segments are sliding separately one above other. The sliding system makes the movement of standard segments easy in both directions. Single segments are sliding on silicone wheels which is providing high amenity of operation. Pool enclosure is made up high quality materials resistant to climatic influences.


Al-lexpro – A construction of the pool enclosure

Each segment is filled in macromolecular PVC and it is sliding on a track. In connection with a low profile provides security against sliding during a strong wind. Pool enclosure has two fronts which are separated from segments. Pool enclosure has one door (sliding or hinge) included in the price. Filling so-called Lexan, can be made of colored design or full board (“look like a glass”). We recommend you four-cellular design which provides the minimal heating dissipation through filler.

Obloukové zastřešení:

Vnitřní rozměry zastřešení 4,35 mx8,4mx1,4m
1xboční dveře,1x přední dveře pantové levé
Úprava profilů elox,lexan čirý GF,
pochůzné kolejiště
Cena je 95200,- s montaží.

Uvedená cena je bez DPH a dopravy

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